The Causes of Child Behaviour

Sam H Arnold

Ever felt useless because a child is misbehaving? What causes this behaviour? I deal daily with young people facing the challenge of controlling their behaviour. After every incident, I evaluate what caused that behaviour?

On many occasions, these are not ‘naughty’ children. They are children battling through an emotional time.


It is important to notice that not everyone’s perception of events and incidents are the same. What one person thinks is acceptable, others may not. This can lead the child to become confused and agitated.

What is your perception of this pictures?

Causes of Child Behaviour How many legs does the elephant have?

Everybody’s perception is different.  As parents or teachers, you need to have a clear guideline about what is acceptable and what is not.

Three Main Causes Behaviour

Learn’t Behaviour

I fostered a young man who showed behaviour that challenges. He had learnt this behaviour from his older brother. His older…

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