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Behaviour Management in the Class – In-house Course £500 (One full day)

A must for all teachers struggling with behaviour in their class.  An in-depth look at what causes behaviour and how to deal with this.  The reasons behaviour occurs both externally and through learning problems.

How to Teach an Outstanding Lesson – In-house Course £300 (4 hours)

The Ofsted requirements for an outstanding lesson.  How you can achieve an outstanding lesson and the paperwork that is needed.  This course is a must for new teachers and those that want to perfect their performance.

GDPR Awareness in Schools – Online Course £14.40 (1-2 hours)

The course details an introduction to GDPR.  How the GDPR will affect your school and the changes that need to be made. How to report a data breach if one occurs.  Helpful tips and information.

All our courses are certificated and updated regularly.


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Online courses on

  • Exam Invigilation
  • ADHD Awareness for schools and parents.
  • ASD Awareness for schools and parents.